vacciCation for Knox County TN

In Knox County, TN, there is currently high community transmission of covid. This means that this county is in the worst possible category: significant measures are needed to limit contact between persons, with priority given to maintaining essential community activities and services (e.g., health care, transportation, food and agriculture, schools). Based on the “area of concern” criterion, which looks at trends, this county is a sustained hotspot, an area that has had a high sustained covid case burden and where there may be higher risk for experiencing healthcare resource limitations. For other locations, go to See the original data here.

Overall, 53% of the people in this county are vaccinated so far, including 46% of those under 65. 11.71% of the people in this county are resistant to getting a vaccine according to the most recent available CDC calculations (these may lag current opinions by a few weeks).

Based on the level of spread and vaccination rate, everyone, including those fully vaccinated, should be wearing masks indoors.

In K-12 schools, the CDC and the American Academy of Pediatrics both recommend masks for everyone indoors in a school, regardless of their vaccination status. Currently, no student younger than 12 is vaccinated; 37.7% of the students age 12-17 are fully vaccinated.

This plot shows the growth of the vaccinated population here over time.

This plot shows the percentage of people in each group who start to be vaccinated each week.

Currently, 73% of hospital ICU beds are filled in Tennessee; in this county, 98% ICU beds are filled. People in the county may have access to ICU beds in the larger region.

You can get more information on this county, including recommendations of what is safe to do, from this county’s page on The New York Times website.

This page was created on Thu, Oct 14, 2021 using released vaccination data from Tue, Oct 12, 2021.

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